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condition split expression probluem Expand / Collapse
Posted Friday, January 31, 2014 9:12 AM


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Hi friends i have small doubt in ssis how to split specific year data and specific year
related months data.
here id -int

table data contains like
id ,date ,name
1 ,2010-01-20 , a
2 ,2011-08-25 ,abc
11 ,2010-11-21 ,ra
22 ,2011-07-25 ,abc
10 ,2010-07-09 ,balu
12 ,2010-08-04 ,ravi

based on above table data i want need only 2010 years data and 2010 year related months data
destination having 13 tables all are same source table structure 1st table related year data
and remain 12 tables months related data.
1st table i want load data like
id ,date ,name
1 ,2010-01-20,a
11 ,2010-11-21,ra
10 ,2010-07-09,balu
12 ,2010-08-04,ravi

2nd table load data like
id ,date ,name
1 ,2010-01-20 , a

12th table load data like
id ,date ,name
11 ,2010-11-21 ,ra

8th table load data like
id ,date ,name

10 ,2010-07-09 ,balu
9th table load data like
id ,date ,name
12 ,2010-08-04 ,ravi

please tell me how to solve this issuse in ssis. i tried like
in conditional split condition 1 for year and 2 for month
1) (DT_STR,4,1252)DATEPART( "yyyy" , date )=="2010"
2) (DT_STR,4,1252)DATEPART( "yyyy" , date)=="2010"&&
(DT_STR,2,1252)DATEPART( "mm" , date)
here expression shows red mark.please tell me correct expression.
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