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Posted Friday, January 3, 2014 1:41 AM



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Doctor Who 2 (1/2/2014)
Gary Varga (1/2/2014)
Helping out a few people on the forums here. There was nothing special about what I did. There are many here that do it. A lot of people contribute a LOT MORE than I did. But when all is said and done I did do a little and it is that everyone does a little that makes a community great.

As an aside, I feel as a developer a little different to the core of DBAs and database developers, however, it is not the feeling of being an outsider but more akin to the chap from the house that, whilst it isn't in town, is within the town limits i.e. I feel part of the very welcoming SQL Server Central community and I'd like to thank you all for it.

Gary, I believe you've helped me at least once or twice over the years. Probably in 2013 as well. Thank you, and thanks to everyone else on the SSC Forums who've helped me!

Really nice to hear the thanks Rod. As well as feeling good about myself because I know it was appreciated it also echos how I feel when it is me who is helped.

Mainly I responded to add my own thanks. I have never been involved in another forum (no pun intended), professionally or otherwise, that offers as much support. Real support. Especially castigations via the usual scathing commentary from those with the most acerbic wit (which I particularly enjoy even when on the wrong end of it) which gives it a family feel - if you have a trusted sibling then they will tell you the truth without fear nor care for any repercussions because they know that it is in your best interest to hear it.


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Posted Saturday, January 4, 2014 5:45 PM



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I think you make a very good point, Gary. It seems like the people on SSC are supportive of one another, and that's quite refreshing.

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