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Posted Wednesday, November 27, 2013 2:19 AM



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Nick Hodgson (11/27/2013)

I'll also tell Mr Skipwith about how useful the demo was for you

As long as you say it tongue in cheek! The content was great, but it must have been so frustrating for James when the technology failed him.

Of course, tongue in cheek. James'll bounce back - he's a great guy and he'll probably come back with three laptops next time or a means of beaming the slides directly into your brain. Even without a slide deck he's really worth listening to - I had him come down to Cardiff back in August for a q&a session in the pub about azure and he really impressed the attendees with the breadth and depth of his knowledge.
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Posted Thursday, November 28, 2013 1:26 AM



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Nick Hodgson (11/27/2013)
BWFC (11/27/2013)
Beatrix Kiddo (10/18/2013)
Steve Jones - SSC Editor (10/18/2013)
Beatrix Kiddo (10/18/2013)
John Mitchell-245523 (10/18/2013)
Beatrix, where are you based? There should be a user group near you. There only about once a month, so it's not much of a time commitment unless you decide to get more involved.


I'm in London. Thanks for that; I think I signed up for one of those yesterday. I signed up for a few! It's a bit intimidating, but I'm sure the first time is the hardest. You all seem to get a lot out of it.

It is intimidating, but most of us are just regular people. Just excuse yourself, say hi and tell someone your name. Tell them it's your first time and they'll take care of you.

I'm going to do it. I'm also going to check back that Nick H and BWFC go to theirs .

Beatrix, I'm just reporting in that the SQL Relay in Manchester was attended successfully.

BWFC - I completely forgot to get your details as I was there too and we could have met up, sorry
I was due to go the SQL usergroup in Leeds tonight but it's been moved to next Wednesday now and I can't make that date - I'll try and get to the next one in the new year.

BTW - I thought the SQL Relay event in Manchester yesterday was great. Some really informative bits and a demo of why not to use surface for your presentation!

Nick, I forgot too. It certainly would have been good to meet a fellow user. I'm debating whether to go to the Manchester user group on Thursday but it's the works night out on the Friday after so I might be pushing my luck with higher authority.....

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