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how to caluculate half day Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, June 13, 2013 5:50 AM


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i want to caluclate half day

my actual data is like this

2013-03-21 00:00:00.000---26446---2013-06-13 09:13:00.000--2013-06-13 3:46:00.000----06:33:00---- 02:27:00-------Short

i want this data

2013-03-21 00:00:00.000--26446--2013-06-13 09:13:00.000--2013-06-13 3:46:00.000-06:33:00--02:27:00---Short------HALFDAY

employee timing is 9am to 6pm if he leaves from factory at 4pm or before 4 pm then remarks say halfday

becouse we have 2 hours half day mean if he go for some work and didnt come back for 2 hours our more then 2 hours then half day implemented

please implement on this query

drop table #temp1
min([Timein]) as First_Record,
sum(DATEDIFF(minute, [Timein], [Timeout])) as Time_Minutes
into #temp1 from attend_LOG
where eid = 17090
group by [date]
t.[Timein] as timein,
t.[Timeout] as timeout,
CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), DATEADD(minute, Time_Minutes, 0), 108) AS SpendTime,

case when (540 - Time_Minutes) > 0 Then '- ' else '+ ' end
+CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), DATEADD(minute, ABS(540 - Time_Minutes), 0), 108) as excesshorttime

FROM attend_LOG t
left join #temp1 t2 on t.[date] = t2.[date] and t.[Timein] = t2.First_Record
where eid = 17090
order by t.[date], t.[Timein]

please help me out
thanks for the help
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Posted Thursday, June 13, 2013 7:21 AM



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In order to help we will need a few things:

1. Sample DDL in the form of CREATE TABLE statements
2. Sample data in the form of INSERT INTO statements
3. Expected results based on the sample data

Please take a few minutes and read the first article in my signature for best practices when posting questions.


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Read the article at for best practices on asking questions.

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