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creating procedure for Insertion? Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, May 23, 2013 5:04 AM



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raghuldrag (5/23/2013)
its simple do nothing while i making new entry.

Try calling the procedure by passing parameters as Bhaskar had suggested earlier and let us know if the row gets inserted

EXEC Insert_Journey '05/20/2013','bankok','London','Air'

Kingston Dhasian

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Posted Tuesday, June 4, 2013 1:15 PM
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try this - there is a syntax error
create procedure jack
@departuredate datetime,
@from_place varchar(50),
@to_place varchar(50),
@travelmode nvarchar(10)

if exists('select departuredate from journey where departuredate<@departuredate')
print 'Must choose greater date of departuredate'
insert into journey (departuredate,from_place,to_place,travel mode) values(@depaturedate,@from_place,
@to_place ,

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Posted Thursday, July 25, 2013 11:56 PM


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Hai Bhasker,

if suppose i ve the request_id FK column depends travel_request table.

create table travel_request
request_id int identity PK

create table onward_journey
onward_journey_id int identity,
request_id int FK references travel_request(request_id),
departuredate datetime,
from_place varchar(10),
to_place varchar(10),
travel_mode varchar(10)

depends on above critirea i made procedure like these

alter procedure Insert_Journey
@departuredate datetime,
@from_location varchar(50),
@to_location varchar(50),
@metro nvarchar(50),
@trans_all nvarchar(50),
@mode_of_travel nvarchar(50),
@seat_type nvarchar(50),
@no_of_days int,
@other_details varchar(50),
@status_id int,
@request int

DECLARE @MaxDate datetime

SELECT @MaxDate = MAX(DepartureDate) FROM onward_journey where request_id=IDENT_CURRENT ('travel_request')

IF(@MaxDate >= @departuredate)

RAISERROR('Your error message for departuredate should be greater then maxdate',16,1)

insert into onward_journey(departuredate,from_location,to_location,metro,trans_all,mode_of_travel,seat_type,no_of_days,other_details,status_id,request_id) values(@departuredate,@from_location,@to_location,@metro,@trans_all,@mode_of_travel,@seat_type,@no_of_days,@other_details,'2',IDENT_CURRENT ('travel_request'))
--set @request= IDENT_CURRENT ('travel_request')
--return @request

is these correct ah?
how to that?
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Posted Friday, July 26, 2013 7:54 AM



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Your code seems to have some concurrency issues. You are using IDENT_CURRENT to determine which value to get for a DepartureDate. How can you know that nobody else has inserted into travel_request before this proc runs? I think you need to revisit your procedure. I would be willing to help but you need to try to explain more clearly what it is you are trying to do here.


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