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Replication -- Will blocking occur at the Subscriber like at the Publisher? Expand / Collapse
Posted Monday, May 13, 2013 2:36 PM


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Hello, I have a table on Database A that is frequently updated by Application A.

Application B needs to frequently SELECT from this table in a time critical process, so obviously some blocking occurs.

I was thinking of Replicating the table to Database B and do the SELECT from that table.

What I am unsure of if I will get exactly the same symptoms i.e if an UPDATE lock occurs on Database A (Publisher) therefore blocking SELECTS then an UPDATE lock will also occur on Database B (Subscriber) therefore still blocking basically more complexity for no gain!!!

Is this what would happen?

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Posted Monday, May 13, 2013 5:24 PM



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It could, but remember that the original statement is not what is replicated, the resulting CRUD operations are (minus the R's) so blocking should be reduced.

Said another way, imagine you issue a MERGE statement that has a 5-table join in the source and a very complex WHEN MATCHED clause to determine when to update. The MERGE could take 10 seconds to complete and cause lots of blocking, but it may only update 3 rows. In this scenario only 3 UPDATE statements would be Replicated and they would have the Primary Key in the WHERE clause which, all things being reasonable, should complete in well under a second on the Subscribers.

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