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Our Race with Machines Expand / Collapse
Posted Wednesday, May 8, 2013 9:31 AM
Say Hey Kid

Say Hey KidSay Hey KidSay Hey KidSay Hey KidSay Hey KidSay Hey KidSay Hey KidSay Hey Kid

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"The correct approach is to channel automation profits into new enterprises and products. " Sounds good. But could just mean channeling automation profits into more automation and employment of cheap, possibly foreign, labor.

The question is how to get people "relieved of work by automation" channeled into creative endeavors, whether for income or not. Having such people pursue artistic or other creative activities sounds great, but they still have to eat.

Perhaps they'll all be absorbed into new vocations, but I wouldn't count on it. If the need is for data architects, scientists with advanced degrees, surgeons, robotics engineers, etc., we have to ask ourselves how many of the millions replaced by machines could really ever be employed in such positions.

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Posted Wednesday, May 8, 2013 10:20 AM


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Indianrock (5/8/2013)
The question is how to get people "relieved of work by automation" channeled into creative endeavors, whether for income or not.

We cannot make the assumption that all are not going to transition to a new job or that the transition will happen instantly. People hold on to old or current technology for a period of time before that technology passes off into history. Case in point how many people still write COBOL, while other rave on about COBOL being dead? It is not dead and some would say it is not even sick, but doing great. Old technology lives on. How many have a transistor radio?

And also we need to understand the adaptive abilities of the human mind and being. Given that you have to change to survive people change. Are they untrainable or incapable of change? The might be resistant but not incapable. Here we come to a point a couple of decades back tot he understanding that all office work needed to be done on computers and no longer limited to paper. Some resisted to the point of saying that if the job required them to use one of "those ^&5!@# things" that they would quit and go where they would still be appreciated. We moved to the new technology and NONE of them left and one or two quickly became proponents of computer use because they saw the possibilities the new technology presented. NONE of the staff were incapable of a transition, they all made it.

And does the introduction of new technology cause loss of job? Not always. It can lead to more being employed, and maybe for the first time relieving people of garbage tasks and enabling them for the first time ever to do what they would really like and were trained to do.


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Posted Tuesday, May 21, 2013 2:27 AM
SSC Eights!

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jay-h (5/8/2013)

In an ideal world, profit gets pumped back into the economy. To a reasonable degree this is true. Profits get invested, investment creates jobs. Even when profits go to shareholders, those shareholders normally invest what they get.

Really? How much of Larry Ellison's, Bill Gates's or Tim Cook's income gets re-invested? Trickle-down economics was shown to not work during the time of Reagan. When rich people get more money, they tend not to spend it because there's only so much they can spend. Poor people, on the other hand, tend to spend extra money because they need to.
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