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SSIS - Comparing row values. Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, May 2, 2013 8:26 AM
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Hi All

I have a question regarding managing data based on whether or not the row has previously been included in an extract. The background is that i have to create a flat file extract to feed another database, this extract must contain new record and any updates to historic records.

Using SSIS 2008 r2 - I have three tables:

SourceDataView - This is the data source.
BatchHistoryTable - A record of all rows included in previous extracts.

Brief dataflow explanation is:

Data gathered from SourceDataView>
Lookup task checks the Unique Record ID against the BatchHistoryTable>
LookupNoMatchOutput to StagingTable
LookupMatchOutput to Conditional Split task

Conditional Split then uses an expression to check if certain fields have changed>
Row exists in BatchHistory and no fields have changed = Ignore
Row exists in BatchHistory and fields have changed = Forward to StagingTable

I now have a StagingTable which has new records (inserts) and records which have changed (updates).

The history table might look as below -

ID - Name - FavouriteFood -RecordType
1 - Jim - Curry - Insrt
1 - Jim - Fish - Update

The problem is that because the conditional split checks the history row by row, a changed record will duplicate to the StagingTable in future extracts i.e. the expression checks [1 - Jim - Fish - Update] against the table and as soon as it hits [1 - Jim - Curry - Insrt] it sees this as a changed to the record - so i now end up with this:

ID - Name - FavouriteFood -RecordType
1 - Jim - Curry - Insrt
1 - Jim - Fish - Update
1 - Jim - Fish - Update

Unfortunately the is no Unique RowId and i have limited control over the database design.

Any advice much appreciated.


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Posted Friday, May 3, 2013 5:49 AM



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can you please explain your situation a little bit more. How limited is your control over the database design? If you don't have unique ID how do you make the look-up?
I think you have many opportunities to solved your drawbacks, but I cannot suggest an alternative until I fully understand your scenario.

Kind Regards

Paul Hernández
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