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Multi Dimensional Report in SSRS without using SSAS or MDX Expand / Collapse
Posted Monday, April 29, 2013 7:04 AM


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I have a report that has about 10 parameters being past into it, some of which can be Multi-Select. All works well, but I just been told that they want to be able to select the grouping order of the parameters, or even default some to 'Not Applicable'

So lets say we have Param1,Param2, Param3 etc upto Param10

This is how the report is created now with each Parameter in order as a group level on the output.


But the requirement has now changed to them want into selectively choose the grouping, even miss some out.



Is this possible without using SSAS to create a Cube or MDX in the reporting ?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted Monday, April 29, 2013 8:24 PM


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The start of such a solution would be to create ten additional parameters corresponding to the ten you already have: for Param1 have a Param1Type parameter; for Param2 have a Param2Type parameter, and so forth for all ten. Param1 through Param10 would all need to be fed their possible values from ten datasets based on an identical query. and that query would need to include a column called "ParamType" (or something like that) so that the possible values could be filtered by the Type selected in the corresponding ParamXType parameter.

So, for example, if the user selected Param1Type value of "Calendar Year," the query feeding the Param1 parameter values would be filtered to ParamType = [@Param1Type], and those values would be year values.

The dataset query for each of the ParamX values would be a complex one, probably with multiple UNIONs between queries that pull parameter values for one or more of the parameter types.

The ParamXType values could include a "N/A" value that would always translate into some kind of flag in the ParamX parameter to have only one possible value, also "N/A."

Once you get the ParamX parameters cascading properly from a set of ParamXType parameters, the even trickier part would be the expressions to control the grouping and sorting of the tablix. But before you cross that bridge, you will need to get creative in how you populate the parameters themselves.
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