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Dimension with Composite Keys and Multiple Hierarchies not giving expected results. Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, April 25, 2013 4:57 AM
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Hi everyone!

Basic problem:

Hierarchies with no Composite Keys roll up correctly, but for hierarchies with Composite keys all the values are the same - the total amount!

I'm busy porting a Analysis Services 2000 cube to 2005 (Yes I know they are BOTH old, but it's a restriction at the client, unfortunately.) It worked fine in 2000, but not in 2005.

I'm using Visual Studio 2008, with SSAS 2005.

My Dimension Table has the following columns:

StoreSalesmanAccount (for the Attribute Key)

There's no relationship between the AccountManager and the Salesman. The AccountManager is determined by the type of store, the Salesman by the geographical location.

Also, a store may have more than one Salesman, or Account Manager associated with it.

I have the following attributes defined:

For the Customer Hierarchy:

For the AccountManager Hierarchy:
AccGroupL1 (KeyColumns -> GroupL1 and AccountManager)
AccGroupL2 (KeyColumns -> GroupL2 and AccountManager)
AccCustomer (KeyColumns -> Customer and AccountManager)
AccStore (KeyColumns -> Store and AccountManager)

For the Salesman Hierarchy:
SalGroupL1 (KeyColumns -> GroupL1 and Salesman)
SalGroupL2 (KeyColumns -> GroupL2 and Salesman)
SalCustomer (KeyColumns -> Customer and Salesman)
SalStore (KeyColumns -> Store and Salesman)

(I rename them to Store in the Hierarchies, so that I don't get this ugly AccStore and SalStore.)

The Relationships are as follows:
StoreSalesmanAccount -> Store -> Customer -> GroupL2 -> GroupL1
StoreSalesmanAccount -> SalStore -> SalCustomer -> SalGroupL2 -> SalGroupL1 -> Salesman
StoreSalesmanAccount -> AccStore -> AccCustomer -> AccGroupL2 -> AccGroupL1 -> AccountManager

So for the Customer Hierarchy I get the following values:

Group1 = 10
---- Group1a = 6
---- Group1b = 3
---- Group1c = 1
Group2 = 5
Group3 = 12
Group4 = 4
Grand Total = 31

For the Hierarchies with Composite Keys I get:

Account1 = 31
---- Group1 = 31
---- Group2 = 31
---- Group3 = 31
---- Group4 = 31
Account2 = 31
Account3 = 31

Grand Total = 31

And the same with the Salesman

Drilling Down into the Hierarchy, every single value is 31!
So, Account1 is 31, all the members at GroupL1 (the level below Account1) have values of 31. All the leaf members have values of 31.

Help please, I'm obviously missing something simple somewhere... but don't know what it is.
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