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Posted Sunday, April 21, 2013 2:41 PM

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Cool, thank you. Meanwhile i was trying to solve using my old attempt, got it also ..finally )

declare @Phrases TABLE
phrase varchar(100)

word varchar(100)

declare @NumberWords tinyint

insert into @Searchs (word) select item from dbo.DelimitedSplit8K('they angry', ' ')

Select @NumberWords = COUNT(*) from @Searchs

insert into @Phrases values ('First time you''ve seen a giant, Jon Snow?')
insert into @Phrases values ('Well, don''t stare too long. They''re shy.')
insert into @Phrases values ('When they stop being shy, they get angry.')
insert into @Phrases values ('And when they''re angry,')
insert into @Phrases values ('I''ve seen them pound a man straight into the ground')
insert into @Phrases values ('like a hammer on a nail.')

select * from (select phrase, @NumberWords as NW,COUNT(phrase) as NP from @Phrases
inner join @Searchs on phrase like '%' + word + '%'
group by phrase) as Tmp
where Tmp.NW=Tmp.NP

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