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SSRS 'Render' and TempDB Growth Expand / Collapse
Posted Wednesday, March 20, 2013 12:36 PM


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I have a client that beginning two days ago is having an issue with TempDB growing extremely fast and running out of space. I launched the SQL Profiler while it was happening and noticed that most of the sessions were SSRS reports. I looked at the SSRS log and noticed a report running a the same time as the TempDB warnings.

The SSRS log showed the report as Item Action = 'Render'. What does this mean? The report itself is based on SQL query that is based on views. The views are not complex, however, I noticed that one of the underlying tables could benefit with and additional index. I studied the query plan and determined that.

If this were a report based on a stored procedure using a lot of temp table and such I would think it was that. But it's this query.

Any thoughts?


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Posted Wednesday, March 20, 2013 10:42 PM



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Batches or queries that do not have temporary tables can still use tempdb. For one of many possible examples, if the execution plan has a Sort operator and there is not enough memory available to sort all necessary data in memory then it spills to tempdb. Check the execution plan and see if it can be tuned.

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