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Posted Tuesday, March 19, 2013 9:30 AM
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I have a scheduled job (.Net, WinOS Task Scheduler) which completes shortly after it's called but the SQL work it should accomplish in real time does not happen until several hours later.

The .Net scheduled job calls a stored procedure which updates 2 "top level" tables and outputs 3 data readers (that's what they are to the .Net program). Both updated tables have 2 update triggers each (one trigger inserts to a log table & one manages some computed fields in "quick search" tables). One of the fields updated in each table is a datetime field - set to getdate() within the sproc. Temp tables are used to identify the rows to be updated. Quick pseudo-code (showing just one update and select statement):
declare @mydate dateime
set @mydate = getdate()

declare @UpdateIDs table(MyID int)

insert @UpdateIDs
select CaseID
from TopLevelTable1
where ...

begin transaction

update TopLevelTable1
set Flag1 = [new value]
, Flag1Date = @mydate
where CaseID in (select MyID from @UpdateIDs)
-- 2 triggers are fired in conjunction with this statement

commit transaction

select [several fields]
from @UpdateIDs t
inner join [several joins from temp table]

The problem: the .Net program runs at 11p each night and completes in about 20 seconds. It sends out an email for each row in the select and one to me regarding the ending status. All those emails happen at 11p. The job reports success.

But the time stamp (the param @mydate & the field TopLevelTable1.Flag1Date) is 6am the next day. The trigger inserting to TopLevelTable1_Log has a field LogDate which is set to getdate() within the trigger and its value is also 6am.

There is no other maintenance work being done at that time. Transaction logs (using sqllogship.exe) are being done and full database backup is done at 1:45am. That full backup has the unmodified rows relating to the this job.

What could be happening?
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