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how to give create or drop permission through ssms Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, March 14, 2013 12:56 PM


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in sql 2008 it is possible to assign permission to an object such as table or view
insert or select permission by going through securables window but how to give drop or create object permission in ssms?
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Posted Thursday, March 14, 2013 1:05 PM



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Yes you can accomplish it through SSMS. I prefer to do this in T-SQL.

To do this in SSMS.

Create a User and add them to the public role. (for minimum permissions)

If you want them to create objects you can add them to the ddl_admin role but they will be able to ALTER and Drop Objects as well.

If you want to prevent them from dropping objects you will need to do this in T-SQL.

Then right click on the table and select properties.

Click on permissions.

On the top pane click on the search button to add the User.

On the bottom pane, for SELECT Permissions check the Select box.

For INSERT PERMISSIONS check the Insert box

Check any other permissionsthat you want to grant or deny.

To do it in T-SQL:

Google for each permission that you need if you do not know the syntax.

Then create T-SQL Scripts to grant the permissions that you need.

Save your scripts for future reference.

Alter your saved scripts and save them as needed to assign permissions to other Users.

You will learn from creating scripts to grant permissions.


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Posted Wednesday, March 20, 2013 3:48 AM


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Please please please read the documentation, take a course or at least sit down and read a book! Security is the single most important aspect of data management and if you are unaware of how to assign rights, permissions and roles through the Management Studio then you have the most enormous gap in your knowledge and whats more, I would suspect a dangerous lack of ability to secure your database!

Don't take that the wrong way but it takes very little to get security wrong......
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