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Resetting DMVs Expand / Collapse
Posted Wednesday, March 13, 2013 6:42 PM
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I agree with the post completely.

On our end, pertaining to Index maintenance, we have a scheduled job which run daily to persist query data from the Index Usage Stats DMV
etc so that we have "The Whole Story" when it comes time to review the history of a particular index.

Having the historical log gives you that confidence when you look at an indexes stats that you can see a more holistic picture and not just up till the
SQL service restart, especially when you are identifying indexes to Remove due to low\Zero usage.

The setup to persist the data is a 5 min job as all we have is a scheduled job which queries the DMV once a Day and logs the data to a log table but of course having the option to do that through the GUI would of course save time and increase agility and perhaps promote doing it for other DMV's more easily.

I speculate that any solution would just be a GUI Control to create and manage Scheduled Jobs (SQL Replication as an example) based on frequency requirements anyways on the Server but at least you dont have don'tdmin them yourself I suppose.

Anyways a really great thread and I would be interested to hear if the suggestion is able to gain any traction for a future service pack as i would most
definatly be using it :D

Kind Regards,


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