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SSIS 2012 package execution fails - create_execution timeout error 27195. Expand / Collapse
Posted Monday, March 4, 2013 8:43 AM


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I've just upgraded my SSIS packages from SQL2005 to SQL2012 and I'm using SQL Agent to execute the pacakges. The jobs are failing about 20% of the time with a timeout error. I ran a trace to see what was causing the problem and the error occurs in the SSISDB.catalog.create_execution procedure when it calls sp_getapplock.

EXEC @lock_result = sp_getapplock
@Resource = 'MS_ISServer_Create_Execution',
@LockTimeOut= 5000,
@LockMode = 'Exclusive'

The timeout occurs in sp_getapplock when it calls sys.xp_userlock, the error number is 27195.

exec @result = sys.xp_userlock 0, @dbid, @DbPrincipal, @Resource, @mode, @owner, @LockTimeout

I have 11 packages that are all executed every minute so I suspect that this is 'causing' the problem. I had no issues when I execute 11 packages concurrently in SQL2005 or SQL2008.

Has anyone run into this problem? Do you have any idea how I can prevent this error other than scheduling the packages to run less frequently?


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Posted Friday, October 25, 2013 7:49 AM
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Check out this bug report - there is a sp in the SSISDB database in SQL Server 2012 causing packages to time out before they start running. I had error message "Failed to execute IS server package because of error 0x80131904" and "Description: The operation failed because the execution timed out" when calling multiple (more than 10) packages from my scheduling tool via DTExec. Please vote for the issue on the connect site so that MS can release an official fix.

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Posted Tuesday, October 6, 2015 1:10 PM

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Alternate resolutions: For SQL severs with versions lower than SQL 2012 SP2 CU5, staggering the SSIS jobs to run at different schedules helps alleviate the problem.

Prakash Bhojegowda MCSE, MCSA (SQL2012)
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