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SSRS 2005 - Interactive Sort and Nested data regions Expand / Collapse
Posted Wednesday, February 27, 2013 8:07 AM
Old Hand

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I've come across a strange situation that is a bit difficult to explain. I've designed various reports in the past that include interactive sorting, successfully. But, this time around I'm running into problems.

I've been working on a report that involves nesting a Table region inside a List data region. Interactive sorting is on the table header: a user is supposed to be able to sort interactively by a person's lastname. In very general terms, the dataset is a list of doctors and their patients; more than one doctor may be included in the dataset. So, the list data region groups by doctor, and the embedded table lists the doctor's relevant patients.

When I preview the report, either in BIDS or in Report Manager, the report looks fine. When I click on the interactive sort icon to sort the patients by name for given doctor's set of patients, the interactive sorting will work, initially -- i.e., a doctor's list of patients will sort A - Z as well as Z-A. BUT, when I attempt to sort another doctor's list of patients in the same report, the interactive sorting no longer works. (?). Then it gets stranger... If I go back to the initial list of patients that did do interactive sorting successfully and attempt to do interactive sorting, it won't work anymore!?

So, somehow the interactive sorting will work initially, but as soon as I navigate to a different grouping of a doctor's patients, even when there's a page break between each doctor's list, the interactive sorting will fail completely thereafter.

Does anyone have experience solving a similar situation, or can recommend a link to a blog or article that deals with possible problems/solutions of nested data regions and interactive sorting?

Thanks in advance,

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Posted Monday, August 3, 2015 7:17 PM
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I'm facing this problem too with SSRS 2005. Did you found any solution for the nested data sorting?
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