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debugging question about non-yielding scheduler issue Expand / Collapse
Posted Wednesday, February 20, 2013 8:08 PM
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Hi all,

One of our SQL servers keeps crashing and briefly analyzed the dump file and found this:

Child-SP RetAddr Call Site
00000081`683fd0e8 000007fe`fda84bf6 ntdll!NtCreateFile+0xa
00000081`683fd0f0 00000000`76c718ed KERNELBASE!CreateFileW+0x2cd
*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for sqlservr.exe -
00000081`683fd250 00000000`01f72617 kernel32!CreateFileWImplementation+0x7d
00000081`683fd2b0 00000000`01f7513f sqlservr!GetIUMSForMsxml+0x8055f3
00000081`683fd340 00000000`00c53aa0 sqlservr!GetIUMSForMsxml+0x80811b
00000081`683fd390 00000000`00c54a5a sqlservr+0xbd3aa0
00000081`683fd3e0 00000000`00c5547b sqlservr+0xbd4a5a
00000081`683fd420 00000000`00c550e1 sqlservr+0xbd547b
00000081`683fd4f0 00000000`01989cc5 sqlservr+0xbd50e1
00000081`683fd580 00000000`000c67a4 sqlservr!GetIUMSForMsxml+0x21cca1
00000081`683fd5d0 00000000`001027b4 sqlservr+0x467a4
00000081`683fd600 00000000`00146525 sqlservr+0x827b4
00000081`683fd660 00000000`001460db sqlservr+0xc6525
00000081`683fd690 00000000`00101e05 sqlservr+0xc60db
00000081`683fd730 00000000`001021d8 sqlservr+0x81e05
00000081`683fd760 00000000`0014cef5 sqlservr+0x821d8
00000081`683fd8f0 00000000`015b7c97 sqlservr+0xccef5
00000081`683fd990 00000000`015b7f0b sqlservr!_____SQL______Process______Available+0x713d47
00000081`683fda80 00000000`01527c45 sqlservr!_____SQL______Process______Available+0x713fbb
00000081`683fdab0 00000000`006eacba sqlservr!_____SQL______Process______Available+0x683cf5
00000081`683fea60 00000000`000ec3bc sqlservr+0x66acba
00000081`683febe0 00000000`000ed3ab sqlservr+0x6c3bc
00000081`683fed10 00000000`0012a4c2 sqlservr+0x6d3ab
00000081`683ff370 00000000`0008f280 sqlservr+0xaa4c2
00000081`683ff580 00000000`0008ee3e sqlservr+0xf280
00000081`683ff690 00000000`0008eb3b sqlservr+0xee3e
00000081`683ff6f0 00000000`001b5caa sqlservr+0xeb3b
00000081`683ff760 00000000`001b5e25 sqlservr+0x135caa
00000081`683ff840 00000000`001b567d sqlservr+0x135e25
00000081`683ff880 00000000`001b6586 sqlservr+0x13567d
00000081`683ff930 00000000`74b137d7 sqlservr+0x136586
00000081`683ff9d0 00000000`74b13894 msvcr80!_callthreadstartex+0x17
00000081`683ffa00 00000000`76c7652d msvcr80!_threadstartex+0x84
00000081`683ffa30 00000000`7736c521 kernel32!BaseThreadInitThunk+0xd
00000081`683ffa60 00000000`00000000 ntdll!RtlUserThreadStart+0x1

I couldn't find anything related with this in anywhere so wonder if anyone knows about this.
Can someone help me on this?

Thanks much!!
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Posted Tuesday, July 23, 2013 4:58 PM
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We started seeing these same errors on production today. It happened twice. Analysed the dumps but nothing much helpful info.
Any ideas?

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