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msg 601: Could not continue scan with NOLOCK due to Data movement‎ Expand / Collapse
Posted Friday, February 15, 2013 7:59 AM
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Hi, i'm getting the error msg 601: Could not continue scan with NOLOCK due to Data movement‎ - from a job scheduled to run. This is how the error comes about;

I have two sql servers, (both 2000) lets say A and B. server A is my production server while server B is my standby server. I scheduled a database and log backup on server A in which the destination for the backup files are on server B where its to be recovery (sort of like the log shipping we have in sql 2008).

Now I have two jobs( say job1 and job2) scheduled on server A. Job1 is a procedure which is to perform a full backup and then a log backups to server B. Job2 is a procedure that is to recovery(restore) the backups from server B onto the standby server B in the order they were backed up.
Pls note that job2 will also fail if job1 fail because there are no backup files for job2 to recovery.

One day i noticed job1 had been failing causing job2 to also fail. On checking the job history and log files i saw that full backup will complete but log backup will fail with the above error causing the the job to fail...

I have no NOLOCK statement in my procedure
I have upgraded my service pack to SP4 because i was told its a service pack issue but still nothing
I have ran DBCCC CHECKDB and no error was displayed


This scenario is exactly like Scenario 1, the only difference is that i get the above error when recovery of the 'log files' is being performed on server B (that means full database recovery is successful but log recovery fails) . So in the case, job1 is fine but job2 is failing.

Pls can anyone help??!
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