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A Computer Goes to College Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, February 7, 2013 12:32 PM

Old Hand

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Reality appears infinite to me yet all rational viewpoints are finite. I'm not sure any statement can be factually true from all viewpoints. Transcending all viewpoints and becoming aperspectival will force one into Empiricism. Empiricism stomps Rationalism into the dirt.

Scientists are failing to rise to Empiricism. They perform tests and use the scientific method. But they reject results that contradict their hypothesis. Then they use induction to generalize a law to apply to all reality.

This is the state of humans. Everyone promotes their theory as truth even though it may only be 60 - 70% accurate. So, how can Deep Blue or some other computer perform experiments on reality? For humans this is a time and resource problem so we accept hearsay just to be able to function.

I think the real advantage of computers over humans is a lack of bias to facts or attachment to ego. Synthesizing all knowledge may be of value. I've read 1200 non-fiction books and now see the cracks in competing theories and gaping holes and deep flaws in many of them. I can tell what parts of the puzzle certain authors are lacking and how ignorance screwed up their theory.

We will always have an infinite need for knowledge. This won't be solved by a computer.
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