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Posted Thursday, November 8, 2012 11:07 AM



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SGT_squeequal (11/8/2012)
@jeff here you go, save it then rename it to .vbs

Heh... I saw some CDO email in there. You're a man after my own heart. Thanks for posting the code.

--Jeff Moden
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Posted Friday, November 9, 2012 8:55 AM


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If you don't have any mount points, here is a script for using the xp_fixeddrives function. The threshold is set in the if exists line, and sends an email showing all drives with free space below the set threshold. Hope it helps someone.

(DriveLetter char(1),
MBFree int)

EXEC master.dbo.xp_fixeddrives

if exists (SELECT * FROM #DriveSpace WHERE MBFree < 10000) -- value to set threshold at, in MB
EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail
@profile_name = 'SQL Server Agent Mail Profile',
@recipients = '',
@query = 'CREATE TABLE #DriveSpace2 (DriveLetter Char(1),MBFree int); INSERT INTO #DriveSpace2 EXEC master.dbo.xp_fixeddrives; SELECT DriveLetter, MBFree FROM #DriveSpace2; DROP TABLE #DriveSpace2' ,
@subject = '<ServerName> - Low Disk Space',
@attach_query_result_as_file = 1 ;
DROP TABLE #DriveSpace
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Posted Friday, November 9, 2012 9:27 AM


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Thanks much, we don't have mount points. I will give it a try
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