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How to determine when column stats are updated? Expand / Collapse
Posted Friday, June 29, 2012 12:32 PM



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GilaMonster (6/29/2012)
opc.three (6/29/2012)
You may have something very granular or customizable planned in terms of your scripting effort so this may not be applicable, or these options may not satisfy your requirements, but I figured I would throw them out there since they were not mentioned and they may save you some time:

1. sp_updatestats (SQL Server 2005).

In SQL Server 2005, sp_updatestats updates only those statistics that require updating based on the rowmodctr information in the sys.sysindexes compatibility view; therefore, preventing unnecessary updates of unchanged items.

Well, BoL's not entirely accurate there. The 'threshold' that sp_updatestats uses is 1 row.

Parsing a bit, but unchanged seems to be an accurate characterization. Misleading may be a fair assessment of that slice of the doc though. Ola's code does the same, checking this when @OnlyModifiedStatistics = 'Y':

sysindexes.[rowmodctr] <> 0

That's why I hedged and said something very granular or customizable planned in terms of your scripting effort. If one wanted to check rowmodctr manually and compare that to the number of rows in the stat it could help get closer to smart stats updates. I thought rowmodctr might become skewed since the column tracks updates but the engine seems to be aware when the same index entry is updated, meaning rowmodctr could be of service. At any rate, I read that since SQL 2005 the real story (the one used by auto update stats algorithms) is not available in any catalog view, only system tables that require we use DAC to see.

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Posted Sunday, July 1, 2012 2:33 AM

SSCrazy Eights

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Mindy Hreczuck (6/25/2012)
I have index statistics taken care of by a scripted maintenance plan but I'm going to be setting up a separate plan to take care of updating the column statistics. Is there a query for determining when the columns were last updated? I've determined what columns are not in any indexes to cover "yes, I need to update column stats" but they don't appear in sys.stats so it looks like that table just contains info for the index stats.

The function STATS_DATE() exposes the date\time of the last stats updates.


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