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Can I restore part of the database to a mapped drive due to disk space issue ? Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, February 10, 2011 2:05 PM


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I have a backup file in a portable hard drive directly attached to the server ( one that has Sql sever )
I am going to do a restore using the following command:

restore database NGDEVL
from disk = N'R:\NGDVLBK12032010' -- assumes the file is local - Ask Dave for the path of the file.
with file = 1,
move 'NextGen_System_Data' to 'M:\SQL Data Files DBI02\MSSQL.4\MSSQL\Data\NGDevl_System_Data.mdf',
move 'NextGen_Core_Data_1' to 'X:\Data\NGDevl_Core_Data_1.ndf',
move 'NextGen_Index_1' to 'M:\SQL Data Files DBI02\MSSQL.4\MSSQL\Data\NGDevl_Index_1.ndf',
move 'NextGen_Log' to 'N:\SQL Log Files DBI02\NGDevl_Log.ldf',
stats = 10;

Points to note:
R: points to the drive letter assigned to the portable hard drive.
M: refers to the drive that has Sql server.
x: refers to a mapped drive in another server.

Here is my question:
Will the RESTORE work with mapped drives ( where the actual drive sits in another server )

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Posted Thursday, February 10, 2011 2:57 PM



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No. SQL has a number of requirements for drives for data files, the network protocol doesn't meet them.

Gail Shaw
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Posted Thursday, February 10, 2011 7:06 PM
Old Hand

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Using SQL Virtual Restore may be another option if space is limited. Basically, you can mount live databases from backup sets without actually having to restore the original data and log files.

Ray Mond
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Posted Thursday, February 10, 2011 7:28 PM
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SQL Server can be configured using a trace flag to allow the use of network drives. Trace flag 1807 bypasses SQL Servers checks for network bases drive.

There are reasons that Microsoft implemented the standard checks that normally stop you using network drives for database files. These are because SQL Server is expected disk drives to, for instances, actually garentee that data is written when the drive (and associated firmware etc) says that data has been written. You run the risk of corruption occurring in you database if you do use network drives.

For more information, have a read of It discusses the issues and you can then make an informed decision on whether to use this trace flag.

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