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[li][/li] [li]Bullet Item[/li]
[ul][/ul] [ul]list[/ul]
Align Center [center]Aligned Center[/center]
Align Left [left]Aligned Left[/left]
Align Right [right]Aligned Right[/right]
Bold [b]Bold Font[/b]
Email [email][/email]
Font Color Tag [color="#FF0000"]Red Text[/color]
Font Size Tag [size="+4"]Enlarge font by 4 times[/size]
Font Tag [font="Arial"]This is Arial[/font]
Header 1 [h1]Header 1[/h1]
Header 2 [h2]Header 2[/h2]
Header 3 [h3]Header 3[/h3]
Header 4 [h4]Header 3[/h4]
Header 5 [h5]Header 3[/h5]
Highlight [highlight]Highlighted Text[/highlight]
Highlight & Color [highlight="#666666"]Highlighted Text[/highlight]
Horizontal Line [hr]
Hyperlink [url][/url]
Hyperlink & Description [url=]Description[/url]
Image [img][/img]
Italics [i]Italic Font[/i]
Other Code [code="other"][/code]
Paragraph Break [p]Paragraph[/p]
Plain (non-highlighted) code [code="plain"][/code]
Quoted Text [quote]Quoted Text[/quote]
Specified SQL Code [code="sql"][/code]
strikethrough [strike]text to strike through[/strike]
Subscript [sub]Subscript[/sub]
Superscript [sup]Superscript[/sup]
Underline [u]Underlined Font[/u]
VB Code [code="vb"][/code]
XML Code [code="xml"][/code]